Ecommerce monthly talks provide opportunity for industry stakeholders and enthusiasts to share local and global ecommerce trends
Each talk is themed to capture a targeted audience and deliver insights for a specific part of the ecommerce ecosystem.
The talks are delivered by ecommerce experts with immense business experience, disruptive business models and leaders of leading companies.  They deliver speeches and case studies followed by interactive session.
The 2018 Ecommerce talks will be held every second Thursday evening of the month at the Nailab, Nairobi. They will attract at most 3 speakers and estimated 100 people.


        • Building a vibrant ecommerce Community
        • Create ecommerce awareness and knowledge sharing
        • Business growth through networking

Benefits to Audience

      • Knowledge sharing: Audience will gain more knowledge about the ecommerce industry
      • Understand Trends: speakers share local and global ecommerce trends
      • Expert Opinion: The speakers are authorities in their field with immense experience
      • Business growth: make business deals with audience