Why Get Involved?

User education

ECOMMAS is a great platform that gives industry stakeholders an opportunity to educate the society about ecommerce opportunities and in turn grow the opportunities for ecommerce stakeholders.

Corporate responsibility

A great platform for ecommerce stakeholders to give back to the society by supporting a platforms that seeks to create more awareness about ecommerce.

Brand equity

Organizations that are part of ECOMMAS initiative increase their brand visibility and presence. This is a good platform to capture the minds and hearts of the people which grows the equity of the brand involved. Marketing campaigns executed are linked to brands that sponsor ECOMMAS.

Strategic partnerships

This is a great platform to engage with other industry stakeholders so as to grow business through collaboration and strategic partnership.

Business leads

ECOMMAS provides great opportunities that can generate business leads for different participants. This leads can easily be translated into sales within the shortest time possible.